U.S. Navy showed 9 more UFO videos during report

U.S. Navy showed 9 more UFO videos during report One of the pyramid-shaped UFOs captured by the U.S.

Navy (Picture: Jeremy Corbell) The explosive video of a ?pyramid-shaped? UFO flying above a U.S.

Navy destroyer might just be the beginning, with the filmmaker behind the leaks claiming theres more? nine? Jeremy Corbell shocked the world when he released FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared camera) images of unidentified objects hovering over the USS Russell off San Diego in July 2019.

Three pictures of a ship? spherical? that was observed? going down in the water? by the crew of the USS Omaha on July 15, 2019 were also published on their extraordinarywebeliefs.com.

U.S. Navy showed 9 more UFO videos during report And since then he shared a fourth image of the ship Omaha on Instagram, which he claims to be a screenshot of the video.

The incredible images were taken, Jeremy says, from a secret UFO report conducted by the Office of Naval Intelligence on May 1, 2020.

But the material the filmmaker released were non-confidential aspects of the report.

The Pentagon has already confirmed that the video and the footage are genuine, but in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, the filmmaker says this might just be the beginning? There are [a total of] 10 videos and 1012 photos? , he explained, which means there are nine more videos to be released.

He continued:? Many of them are FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared), as is tictac [which looks like in the infamous encounter with the U.S.S.


There are objects that are clearly visible, I say objects, I mean UFOs.

Thats why this report was drawn up, because everything theyre showing you has not yet been identified.

Theres more evidence.

There are some images in a war zone, in an active war zone through the camera Fli.Thats what was transmitted to me and I was able to check this content with numerous sources.? Jeremy, who produced numerous documentaries for Netflix, explained that the purpose of the report where UFOs were discussed was to educate high-ranking officials.

He said to the Daily Star, This footage represents educational material that our Department of Defense, intelligence agencies and armed services use to educate individuals and these agencies about the presence of UFOs on Earth.

Im not saying I know whats in these videos, this is the work of the Department of Defense.

I know that UFOs are real and they represent a technology that is very advanced in relation to anything that humans have been able to demonstrate, that brings someone to this place of mystery and admiration.? 44-year-old Jeremy, based in Los Angeles, USA, published the material just two months before the Pentagons eagerly anticipated UFO report was released.

In a massive bill of appropriations in 2020, the United States government called for the release of an unclassified report and all sources on unidentified aerial phenomena on June 1..

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