Scientific report of UFO that crossed air, water and divided into two

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Scientific report of UFO that crossed air, water and divided into two A still image of the video captured in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

What kind of aircraft can travel, not only through the atmosphere, but also through water at high speeds? Scientists who analyzed thermal images of a flying object recorded in Puerto Rico are trying to figure out what could have done it.

A team of analysts working with SCU, the Scientific Coalition for UAPs Studies (UFOs), a private group of scientists, military analysts and investigators, produced a report analyzing the incident.

This is a comprehensive review of thermal, visual and sensor data related to an unusual series of events in and around Aguadilla Airport, Puerto Rico, in April 2013.

Rich Hoffman, one of the co-founders of SCU, a 26-year-old systems analyst with the U.S.

Army, says the case information and thermal imaging originated with a pilot working for the Department of Homeland Security.

When Mystery Wire asked Hoffman in a recent interview about the video, he said, ?? They tried to get through to Homeland Security, while Homeland Security said, ?Well, we didnt investigate these things, you know, you go ahead.? They also tried to climb [the case] to Air Force intelligence and Air Force intelligence.? Research has shown pilots that these agencies dont want anything to do with UFOs.

Hoffmand said: They (the pilots) wanted (the video) to be scientifically analyzed, unrelated to UFOs, because again, the stigma that accompanies UFOs.

So we put the team together.

And we just got together and said, well, were gonna, you know, what do you want us to do? Sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

And yes, and by the way, they checked our background to see if we could really get in and work on it really well.

And we went through that.

And basically we honor the fact that were not going to talk about the witnesss name.

And were not gonna give it to you, but we wanted to do it scientifically.? SCU spent two years analyzing 7,027 frames recorded in the three-minute 54-second video.

Since SCU first published its report in 2015, alternative theories have been proposed.

UFO debunkers claim the object was a Chinese lantern sent by a nearby hotel.

Two other more detailed analyses propose that a Mylar balloon could explain part of what is seen in thermal imaging.

Hoffman and colleagues published detailed responses to critics, arguing that any contractorship should explain the complete sequence of events, not just pieces and parts.

While talking to Mystery Wire, Hoffman compared the UFO Aguadilla to the famous tic-tac incident, a 2004 meeting off the southern California coast involving the USS Nimitz transport group.

Mystery Wire asked Hoffman for his conclusion on his research, to which he replied:.

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