Hubble captures a beautiful scattering of stars Planet

Infinity of stars in the NGC 330 cluster, in the constellation of Tucana, allows for studies on how they form and evolve 07/02/2021 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Hubble captures a beautiful scattering of stars Planet tweet Star Cluster NGC 330: Stars are about the same age.

Credit: ESA/Hubble and NASA, J.

Kalirai, A.

Milone; CC BY 4.0 The image above shows the open star cluster NGC 330, about 180,000 light-years away, in the Little Magellanic Cloud.

The cluster? What is in the constellation Tucana (The Toucan)? contains a plethora of stars, many of which are scattered in this stunning image.

The photos of NASA/ESAs Hubble space telescope released weekly show us something new about the universe.

This image has something additional: clues about the inner functioning of Hubble itself.

The crossed patterns that surround the stars in this image? known as diffraction spikes? were created when the starlight interacted with the four thin shovels that sustain the Hubbles secondary mirror.

Find a star that challenges current models of evolution of the Hubble universe 31 years: giant star on the verge of destruction is the highlight As star clusters form from a single primordial cloud of gas and dust, all the stars they cover are about the same age.

This makes them useful natural labs for astronomers to learn how stars form and evolve.

This image uses observations from Hubbles Wide Field Camera 3 and incorporates data from two very different astronomical investigations.

The first aimed to understand why stars in star clusters seem to evolve differently from stars elsewhere, a peculiarity first observed by Hubble.

The second sought to determine how big the stars can be before they become doomed to die in cataclysmic supernova explosions.

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