Do you know where the Solar System asteroids are? Check out Planeta

Does the Solar System have over a million of these objects, the vast majority between Mars and Jupiter? but some of them transit not so far from Earth like 01/07/2021 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Do you know where the Solar System asteroids are? Check out Planeta tweet Asteroids of the Solar System: more than a million of these small bodies have already been registered.

Credit: NASA/McRel The last day of June is International Asteroid Day.

Sometimes called smaller planets, these celestial bodies are rocky remnants of the initial formation of our Solar System about 4.6 billion years ago.

The current known asteroid count is over a million! Most of these ancient space wreckage can be found orbiting our Sun between Mars and Jupiter, within the main asteroid belt.

Do asteroids vary in size, from Vesta? The largest, about 530 kilometers in diameter? to bodies less than 10 meters in diameter.

The total mass of all the combined asteroids is smaller than our Moon.

Psyche, does the metal-rich asteroid that is targeted by NASA Comet do? a stop? near the Jupiter asteroids The image above is an artistic illustration of the Solar System asteroid belt.

Check out more information from NASA about these astronomical objects here.

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